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Salon Radio presents: 310 ARTists From Asheville: Languages in Visual Arts; visual artist ILham Badreddine Mahfouz

November 29th, 2018

Salon Radio Release 29 November 2018


Salon Radio Special: 

310 ARTists From Asheville: Languages in Visual Arts

Invite to Curator's Talk and Finissage on 29 Nov 2018 at Berlitz Gallery in NYC,

plus invite to engage with their artists online and in-person in Asheville!


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 Salon Solo {Radio}presents Syrian-American visual artist ILham Badreddine Mahfouz

ILham's paintings, sculptures, and poetry bring a profound message of Peace and Harmony to the World.


This episode is hosted by IWAS founder Heidi Russell with Amy Hughes presenting our guests. Salon Radio is rounded out with our Women in The Arts world bulletin highlighting news about women in all The Arts, from this week’s editor Heidi Russell, and our Salon Bulletin hightlighting Salonistas work around the world. This podcast was recorded at our production partner Funkadelic Studios with sound engineerJade Zabric.



        Salon Solo {Radio}: visual artist ILham Badreddine Mahfouz

Syrian American Artist ILham Badreddine Mahfouz had the privillage of coming from the ancient city of Damascus, Syria, where she was born and lived till she came to the United States. ILham received her education from Eastern Michigan University, with a B.F.A in Painting and Ceramic, with a Minor in Art History.  She has been creating and exhibiting her art as well as serving her local community by teaching art to Autistic children and teaching Arabic language for free. ILham also teaches Arabic language at the University of Detroit Mercy.  She has received many awards including first prize award for Painting in 1991 at Eastern Michigan University (water color - Meditation on Peace) and first prize in ceramic sculpture (Desire). Her art work is on display at National Arab American Museum in Dearborn, Michigan, a mixed media modern calligraphy piece in 13 languages of the word Peace.  ILham has had 11 solo art exhibits in Michigan (latest one on display at southfield Public Library in southfield, Michigan) and participated in over 98 group exhibits nationally and internationally. ILham published her first Book "Whispers from the East" with Wasteland Press.  ILham has been published in several art books including 1000 Most Important Women of the Middle East and the Arab World, Volume 3, 2013 By Maximillien De Lafayette; Encyclopedia of Arab American Artists, by Fayeq S. Oweis 2007. ILham's art work resides in private and public collections...2014 HRF (Human Rights Flag) Art Installation Permanent Place; Cell of Amnesty International Museum, Vestervig, Denmark; 2013 MONA (Museum of New Art), Armada, Michigan (since 1996, Box 0079); 2007 (7-19) U.S.A. Arab American Museum, Permanent Collections (World Peace mixed media); 2007 1st MOSA International Exhibit Permanent Collection, Kebun, Mimpi Art Gallery, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
ILham continues to work and exhibit, striving for peace and harmony in the world.
Artist Statement:
" In my paintings, I try to capture my life experiences as well as my outlook on life. I try to display emotions and reaction in my artworks through several layers of paint and various textures effects, beneath the several layers may lie the subconscious.  I enjoy the various emotions revealed to me from colors storming towards each other. Diverse lines and shapes ease the tension and help to balance the painting harmoniously. Through my work, I support the message of Peace and Harmony. I believe that if we want a peaceful world, we must live with and help each other."

I long to see people live in Harmony and Peace
Helping one another 
for a better world 
for progress and prosperity 
in a diverse world 
Filled with Love and Harmony.
Salon Radio Special: 310 ARTists From Asheville: Languages in Visual Arts

310 ARTists to Show in New York City

Join us for an artist talk and with the curator Nadine Charlsen at 5:30 followed by reception into the evening on the 29th of November.

Berlitz Gallery is located in the Berlitz Learning Center, 40 W 51st Street, NYC.

The five resident artists from 310 ART in Asheville’s River Arts District are exhibiting work in New York City in Rockefeller Center at the Berlitz Gallery. Fleta Monaghan, Bridget Benton, Nadine Charlsen, Katrina Chenevert, and Jane Molinelli, are the featured artists in the show “310 ARTists From Asheville: Languages in Visual Arts.” Fleta Monaghan, founder of 310 ART, says, “This is a great opportunity for the artists to show as a group in New York while highlighting the diversity of art available in our studio. It also serves to bring recognition of the River Arts District to New York. While this show is going on, we will have similar pieces at our gallery in the River Arts District.”

Nadine Charlsen who is the curator of the show, is a master experimental watercolorist who moved to Asheville from NYC. Having exhibited at the Berlitz a number of times, she felt it would be a perfect venue to display the work of her studio mates. The gallery is in one of the most visited sites in the city. It’s also a few blocks from the Museum of Modern Art, a mid-town arts destination.


Each artist has their own unique style and medium. Featured in the show are:


Fleta Monaghan is a long time Asheville fine artist working in oils, inks, mixed media and encaustic. She grew up in Western Florida on the Gulf of Mexico and settled in Asheville in 1981. She founded 310 Art at Riverview Station in the River Arts District in 2006, which now houses a gallery, studios, and the oldest independent school for the arts in the region.

Bridget Benton, a nationally known artist, instructor and best selling author, joined 310 ART as a resident artist in 2017, after moving to Asheville from Portland, OR. In 2006, she began working in encaustic that allows her to incorporate multiple media while continuing to explore themes of memory, home, and belonging. Benton is the lead instructor in encaustic at 310 ART.

Nadine Charlsen is an urban landscape watercolor artist and instructor based in Asheville. Her background as a theatrical lighting designer in New York City for 31 years has allowed her to incorporate her knowledge of light, shadow, scale, colors and textures to culminate an artistic drama. She teaches a series of experimental watercolor courses at 310 ART.

Katrina Chenevert moved to Asheville in 2008 and immediately embraced the art culture. Nostalgia often drives her inspiration to paint but, it is the theme that drives what medium will be used in her final creations whether watercolor, acrylic, oil or scratchboard. Her passion with 3D art has bred creations incorporating large canvases, mixed media and fiber arts.  

Jane Molinelli came to Asheville in 1976. With a background in fiber arts, her expressive, colorful paintings, inspired by abstract expressionism, reflect her work as a weaver and dyer. Her non-objective work seeks to capture energy, emotion, and memory through line, mark, and color.


See the artist’s work locally in Asheville at 310 ART, 191 Lyman St #310, Asheville, NC 28801, M-S 11-5 and Sun 12-4

Each 310 ARTist will have a two month featured show in 2019 starting in February and running through November. In addition, our gallery features more work all the time of 16 artists.


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