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Salon Radio presents the 7th annual InScena! Italian Theater Festival NY

April 29th, 2019 · Comments

Salon Radio Release 29 April 2019 

Salon Radio Full Episode Special: 


The 7th annual In Scena! Italian Theater Festival NY


This episode is hosted by Amy Hughes with Laura Caparrotti, Founding Artistic Director and Donatella Codonesu, Associate Directorpresenting their 7th annual

In Scena! Italian Theater Festival NY.

Laura and Donatella have brought along with them the following productions that are included in this year's festival to talk with us about their creations that they have birthed in Italy and are excited to share with the New York theater audience:

A Cottage of One's Own - Natali a Magni (playwright, actress)
What Remains - on mobbing, shocking and other amenities - Monica Faggiani (playwright, actress)
As White As Fennel in a Salad - Silvia Marchetti (playwright, director), Andrea Ramosi (actor)
Spanker Machine - Tiziana Troja (playwright, director), Michela Sale Musio (actress)


Salon Radio is rounded out with our Women in The Arts world bulletin highlighting news about women in all The Arts, from this week’s editor Amy Hughes, and our Salon Bulletin highlighting Salonistas work upcoming around the world.

This podcast was recorded at our production partner Funkadelic Studios.


Each year, In Scena! presents a survey of the best Italian Theater, from Italy, in all 5 NYC boroughs.

Since 2019 In Scena! bridges with the newborn OnStage! American theater festival in Rome, Italy, bringing US shows and plays overseas.

In Scena! Italian Theater Festival NY
7th Edition
April 29-May 13, 2019 

The Festival is FREE ADMISSION for all programs,
first come first served. RSVP is necessary.
Secured a seat with a donation of $20 per seat. 

 Details of each show/event and RSVP at:

 Laura Caparrotti, Founding Artistic Director

Donatella Codonesu, Associate Director

Carlotta Brentan, Executive Producer


The Festival Structure...

The Opening night: Each year the Festival is dedicated to an anniversary that has changed the life of theater or of society. The Opening Night of the Festival is dedicated to such anniversary and includes some of the artists participating in the Festival and local artists.

The seventh annual In Scena! Italian Theater Festival NY will kick off on Monday, April 29 at 7pm at Casa Italiana Zerilli-Marim at NYU (24 West 12th Street, New York, NY 10011) with the Opening Night Rainbow Jubilee, an international celebration of the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall uprising.

The evening will include staged presentations of the four winning plays from the KIT Playwright Series. Thirteen 10-minute plays from around the world, selected by an international jury, were presented as a staged reading in front of a live audience. The audience and a committee of local artists voted, and chose the top four plays to be presented. Admission to the event is FREE


Full-production shows: Professional theater shows from Italy. Each show has had at least ten performances around Italy. Each show will have two performances during the Festival: one in Manhattan and one in one of the other four boroughs. Each show is either bilingual or with supertitles.


Readings: readings of Italian plays, already presented in Italy, translated into English. Presented in partnership with playwrights, Festivals and Playwrights projects.


The Mario Fratti Award for Excellence in Italian Play-writing: Since 2014, every year the jury of the Mario Fratti Award – comprised of 7 people (2 artists from the previous edition and theater makers) – chooses the winner’s play among the submissions. All plays need to never been produced. The winner will receive a translation of their work into English as part of the MFA Collection and a reading of such translation. Since 2018, all MFA winners have been published by In Scena! under the MFA theater collection.

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